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From Valparaíso

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Valparaíso and Viña del Mar are only 5.5 km (3.42 miles) of distance away.

By car, the easiest and fastest way to go is on Av. España, which runs along the coastline and is the principal avenue connecting the two cities.

You should take the direction toward the coast (as it is indicated), pass by the Flower Clock, and take Av. Marina, and then cross the estuary through Ecuador bridge.

Crossing the bridge, keep going and cross Av. Uno Norte, reaching Av. Dos Norte (the next street), take a left turn and go 2 blocks arriving at the gate of Hotel Monterilla.

If you arrive by taxi, it should take a similar route.

From Valparaíso there are “colectivos” (a sort of taxi, but they run on designated routes and are distinguished by painted entirely black). To Viña del Mar, “colectivos” run on Av. Errázuriz. Once in Viña del Mar, you should get off on Av. Marina. This way, you only need to cross the Casino Bridge in order to get to Hotel Monterilla.

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