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About food

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The Chilean cuisine is a fusion of different influences. This unique variation comes from the gastronomical traditions of Chile’s indigenous groups and the Spanish conquerors. Chilean food is characterized by its rich flavors and colors.

There are some typical products: olives, ceviche (typical food by the South Pacific coast; raw fish meat combined with shallots, cilantro, and plenty of lemon juice), chirimoya (Chilean native fruit, available especially in the summer), lúcuma (subtropical fruit), avocado, and particularly seafood, which is abundant along the Chilean coast.

Generally, food is accompanied by alcoholic beverages such as wine and pisco (Chilean specialty, fermented strong alcohol made of grapes).


Chile is considered a safe country with no explicit danger, especially in terms of health. For instance, no vaccination is required. However, it is recommended not to eat raw fish and raw eggs, and fruit and vegetables should be washed and peeled before eating.

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