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Terms of Service

Do you know...

"We are near to everything, the coastline, the Casino, and the gastronomical center"

We want to tell you for what this website serves, what you can do with it, and what happens to your personal data submitted in our forms.

You might already know the answers. However, in order to avoid any doubts, we want to tell you that:

  • This is the website of Hotel Monterilla.
  • You can learn about our hotel as it is through photos, maps, and descriptions.
  • Through our website, you can make reservation without the necessity to call or send an email.
  • If you wish, you can also share your comments and observations in our blog.
  • We provide you the necessary information to arrive in Viña del Mar as well as at Hotel Monterilla.
  • If you need information regarding our special offers for companies, please consult the section Companies and institutions.

Our website provides completely updated information; therefore, you will always find accurate, up-to-date offers. The purpose of any content modification is only to improve our website for you.

When you submit personal information (for example, to make a reservation) your data remain secure due to the protocol https, which allows data encryption to avoid third party’s view or access while the hotel receives them.

Hotel Monterilla only uses these data for the reservation or to send any specific, requested information. They are never used for commercial purposes.

Finally, we want to emphasize that Hotel Monterilla never request credit card number by email.

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